Classic decorating ideas with the kids

Classic holiday fun starts with the preparations. Get the whole family involved in these three crafty ways of decorating your house; not only are they eminently affordable, they’ll also give your house that time-honoured It’s a Wonderful Life feel.

1. Popcorn and fresh cranberry garlands:
All you need for this holiday craft is string, a large crafting needle, popped unflavoured popcorn and fresh cranberries—oh, and patience. Sit and catch up with the family as you all thread them in the patterns of your choice. String the results on your tree, mantle, in doorways....

2. Coffee-studded oranges:
Used in Ancient Times, pomanders are a natural way to mask odors. We recommend adding whole roasted coffee beans to your clove-studded oranges for extra alluring aroma. Use the very tip of a paring knife to cut coffee-bean-sizes slits in the peel of a whole orange in the pattern of your choice. Then, slip in the individual beans halfway so they still partially stick out. Complete the pattern with cloves! Make as many as you want – the more patterns the merrier when displayed in a bowl.

3. Pinecone decorations:
Wherever you are in Canada, chances are there are pine cones on the ground near you somewhere. Give the kids the mission of finding as many as they can, then bring them home and dry them out. All you need next is a bit of acrylic paint: paint the edges in white or gold, then display them in nice glass dishes throughout the house.

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