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Ever thought of cooking with coffee? Try Van Houtte® products to add a unique touch to your favourite dishes.


Coffee Ice Cream Sandwich

Hot summer days are always jam packed with exciting activities. Our coffee-infused ice cream sandwiches are the perfect thing to keep you going. Sandwiched between two freshly baked honey nut cookies, our French Roast coffee flavoured homemade ice cream is the refreshing treat you deserve. Best of all, you won’t have to choose between after-dinner coffee and dessert!

Tomato Coffee Tart

Tomato Coffee Tart

This August, take advantage of seasonal tomatoes and add a little French twist to the menu with our tomato coffee tart. Infused with Honduras San Luis Planes coffee, it’s the perfect afternoon snack. The light and fluffy goodness of the pastry also make it the ideal side-dish for any meal!

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