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Ever thought of cooking with coffee? Try Van Houtte® products to add a unique touch to your favourite dishes.

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Mocha Shortbread Christmas Cookies

This mocha shortbread recipe is a gift to yourself and your family. These buttery Christmas cookies are crumbly, comforting and cocolicious thanks to their delectable dark chocolate icing. The secret ingredient in this coffee recipe? Van Houtte® Butterscotch Ground Coffee baked right into the dough! Sorry Santa, but you will have to share the cookies this year.

Spicy Mexican Coffee Chili

Chilly weather means it’s chili season! Nothing warms the soul —and stomach— quite like it. Made with Van Houtte® Mexico Fair Trade coffee, our spicy chili recipe gives a new twist to this cold-weather classic. This coffee recipe will take your family from sweaters to sweating in no time

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